18 %VOL


Scarto Vermouth, Apricot Brandy, Scarto Clear Lemon, Simple Syrup


Scarto "Apri-Te" is a delicate aperitif that captures the freshness and lightness of spring in every bottle. With its finely balanced notes of apricots, herbs, and citrus fruits, it offers a refreshing taste experience. One sip and the world seems a bit brighter.

Scarto Apri-Te is prepared like this:

Scarto "Apri-Te" is best served in a small wine glass over ice. Pour the aperitif over large ice cubes and stir gently until well chilled. A lemon slice or a fresh sprig of thyme rounds off the experience.

Our favorite way to drink Scarto Apri-Te:

A perfect aperitif that prepares the palate for the meal and lifts the spirits. It is also excellent as a refreshing drink on a sunny afternoon or as a light enjoyment in good company.