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Scarto Neat Gin, Scarto Lime Stock


Scarto "Gimlet" is a refreshing cocktail that carries the soul of the high seas. Once enjoyed by British sailors to combat scurvy, this drink has rightfully earned its place in the hearts of many cocktail lovers. With its harmonious notes of gin and lime, it offers a sparkling and elegant taste experience. Each sip is a homage to the adventurous days of seafaring and the simple joys of life.

Scarto Gimlet is prepared like this:

Scarto "Gimlet" is best served in a chilled coupe glass or a tumbler over ice. Pour the chilled Gimlet over large ice cubes and stir gently until well chilled. A slice of lime or a fresh sprig of mint completes the experience.

Our favorite way to drink Scarto Gimlet:

There are hardly any occasions when a Gimlet isn't suitable. Whenever you need a refreshing drink and don't have a Margarita at hand, or when you're in the mood for gin instead of tequila or rum – then the Gimlet is the golden choice.