SCARTO Limoncello


Mallorquin Lemons, Fir Sprouts, scarto Vodka, Sugar


Ever thought a drink could capture the essence of a sunlit forest and a Mediterranean summer?

Scarto Limoncello does just that with its bright lemon zest and aromatic spruce tips, creating a delightfully refreshing and subtly sweet experience. Each sip takes you on a vibrant journey through sun-drenched lemon groves and pine forests.

We enjoy Scarto Limoncello best with...

Serve scarto Limoncello over ice in a small, chilled glass. Pour it gently over large ice cubes and garnish with a slice of lemon or a fresh sprig of thyme. For a sparkling twist, try it as a Limoncello Spritz with Prosecco.

Our favorite way to drink Scarto Limoncello...

The perfect digestif after a hearty meal, cleansing and refreshing the palate. It’s also a fantastic choice for a cool treat on a hot summer day or as a fruity aperitif in good company.