SCARTO Vermouth

17.2 %VOL


The base wine is a Rheinhessen Riesling. The alcoholic extract contains 16 natural ingredients, including: Pontic Wormwood, WormwoodOrange & Lemon PeelSour Cherries, Cardamom, Oregano, Rhubarb Root. Sugar content approx. 9 g/l (extra dry)


Distinctly dry and herbal, with a bitter undertone that intrigues the palate, designed for the cocktail artisan.

We enjoy scarto Vermouth best with...

This vermouth truly shines when combined with Scarto Neat Gin for a perfectly dry Martini. In general, we prefer using less sugar and more flavor.

Our favorite way to drink scarto Vermouth...

A chilled Scarto Vermouth (not always on the rocks), garnished with a twist of lemon zest, makes for the perfect aperitif, preparing your taste buds for what's to come.